The Importance of Caring For Your Home’s HVAC System

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When you’re preparing to put your home on the market, it’s important to check on the air conditioning unit and furnace. While these aspects of the home are vital for keeping occupants comfortable throughout the seasons, they’re often neglected. Buyers shy away from homes with HVAC issues, and for good reason—repairs to the air conditioning unit and furnace can be quite pricey. Before you list your home, be sure to review these guidelines to be certain that your HVAC system is in working condition.

Change Your A/C and Furnace Filters Often

The simplest way to care for your HVAC system is to swap out the air conditioning or furnace filters regularly. Life is hectic, and many homeowners forget how important it is to change the filters at least once every two months. Depending upon where you live, you may need to change filters more frequently. While a filter change every other month is a general guideline, it can be helpful to check your filters once a month at the beginning until you get a reliable idea of how often they become clogged with debris. If you need assistance in choosing a filter, speak with an HVAC professional for guidance or suggestions. A qualified HVAC company can tell you more about how to properly care for your furnace or air conditioning unit.

Maintain The Air Conditioning Unit

To keep your home cool and avoid negative marks on your home inspection, be sure to check on the A/C unit. Before you get started with cleaning, trim any unruly greenery that’s crowding the area. After the yard surrounding the unit is under control, it’s time to start the cleaning process. The first step is vital—locate and shut off the power to the unit. This is important for your own safety, so you shouldn’t get started before the power is completely off. In addition to turning off the exterior power, switch off the power on the breaker box. After this step is complete, open the fan cage with the appropriate tools to gently vacuum away leaves and other stray materials. Next, take off the outer covers of the unit to clean the coil fins and condensate drains. If necessary, use a use a fin comb to straighten coil fins that are restricting proper airflow. If you’d like to take additional steps to ensure that your air conditioning unit is in excellent shape, follow these guidelines or call a trusted HVAC maintenance company.

Check the Furnace

A furnace that’s not properly cared for can have a major impact on utility bills, so it’s important to inspect and maintain this part of the HVAC system, especially since energy efficiency may be your ultimate goal. Furnaces can be difficult to work with, but most homeowners will have no problem switching the filters and evaluating the appearance of the flame. If your furnace is emitting yellow flames instead of blue, that’s a solid indication it needs service.

If any of the HVAC components are in distress, your home inspection won’t be up to par. For DIY enthusiasts, cleaning the A/C and furnace can be achieved by following instructions carefully. For homeowners lacking time for upkeep, reach out to a qualified professional to clean and maintain the furnace and air conditioning unit.

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