Security Features That Your Home Inspector Will Evaluate

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Several important factors will be covered during the home inspection to ensure that the home you’re planning to purchase is safe and secure. Here, we share the details on what to look for if you’re a buyer, and how to maintain the security features if you’re putting your home on the market soon.

Locks and Deadbolts 

The simplest way to keep your home safe from intruders is to inspect the locks occasionally. Many homeowners assume that this vital security feature will last for the lifespan of the property, but that’s usually not the case.  In reality, most locks only function as intended for three to seven years. If your home’s set of locks are over the age of seven, it may be wise to get in touch with a locksmith to tune up the area before the inspection.

When it comes to locks and deadbolts, there are several other red flags that a home evaluator may notice during the assessment. If the door isn’t perfectly aligned, this can create home security issues. Excess pressure on the lock due to a misaligned door or frame can lead to a malfunction. To keep your property as safe as possible, it’s wise to clean the locks on an annual basis. Just a damp rag will do the trick—using soaps or petroleum-based solutions can harm the lock. As an added precaution, lubricate the door lock with Teflon or graphite.

Safety Features 

Your home should be a safe haven where you feel at ease. However, accidents and other unforeseen events may occur. In the event of a fire or carbon monoxide leak, it’s vital to have the proper security systems in place. If you’re curious about the state of the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, not to worry—your home inspector will provide a thorough examination of these essential elements. Additionally, your evaluator will take a closer look at the fire deterrent system, including sprinklers. While certified inspectors can examine common safety features, most will not be able to adequately evaluate extra fixtures like security cameras. In many cases, sellers will cancel their subscription to home security companies when they move, so this will not likely be an issue for buyers to think about.

Purchasing a home is a big decision, so it’s important to ensure that you feel confident about your investment. Before you close on a property, you’ll need to work with an experienced home inspector. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, please reach out to our team.

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