Top Signs of Pest Infestations

Pest Infestations
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Summer is one of the most popular times of year to list your home or start the process of house hunting. When you’re ready to offer your property for sale or begin the search for your dream home, it’s wise to watch for the most common signs of pest infestation. Here, we share the warning signs to look out for before scheduling the inspection.  

Dead Bugs on Window Ledges or in the Basement

While active pests are the most obvious sign of an infestation problem, you may not notice live bugs or other pests when you’re touring a home. If you’re stopping by for a showing, be sure to keep an eye out for dead bugs on the premises. The most common areas to find signs like this include the window ledges or in the basement, as these are the easiest places for bugs to enter the space. When you’re trying to sell the house and you notice multiple bugs of the same species, that’s a good indication that there’s an infestation that should be dealt with before the home inspection.

A Musty Odor

When exploring a home for the first time, your attention will likely be focused on the property’s layout and features rather than on the smell. However, homes with a pest infestation often have an unpleasant musty scent that’s immediately noticeable. If you realize that the house has an unusual odor, watch out for a symptom that often accompanies the smell: small holes in the floor or gnaw marks in wood caused by mice or rats.

Wood That’s Sagging or Blistered

Rodents can cause quite a bit of damage, but termites can be even more destructive. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, we recommend taking a close look at wooden components of the property for termite damage. Since this type of pest destroys wood from the inside out, you may notice sagging floorboards or blistered wood if there’s a termite infestation in the house. If the termites haven’t done significant damage yet, early warning signs include droppings that look like sawdust or small tunnels of dirt or mud on areas such as the ceilings and porch.

Discovering a pest infestation can complicate your buying or selling plans, but watching for these warning signs will help you correct the issue in advance. Even if you miss these common signs, an experienced inspector will be able to catch symptoms of a pest problem. Our team at Homerun Inspection is here to help you feel confident about moving forward in the home buying process, and we’ll provide you with a detailed report within 24 hours of the evaluation. To get started, please give us a call or schedule an appointment online.

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