Why You Need a One-Year Warranty Inspection

Warranty Inspection
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Many homeowners and prospective buyers assume that purchasing a brand new home is less risky than investing in a pre-existing property. While buying a new home certainly has perks, it’s not a guarantee that the house is flawless. Builders make mistakes more often than you may imagine, especially when they’re working around the clock to meet a deadline. If you’ve recently purchased a new home or you’re leaning in that direction, you may be interested in pursuing a one-year warranty inspection. Here’s why it’s so important to invest in an evaluation before the warranty with the builder expires:

Improve Your Chances of Saving Money

Unfortunately, many new homeowners skip the one-year warranty inspection only to find out later down the line that their home has faults to address. After the one-year mark, most property repairs aren’t covered by the builder, so the costs of maintenance and renovations fall to the owners. If you’d like to ensure that your dream home is in excellent shape and will hold up for years to come, be sure to schedule an inspection with a qualified team.

Problems May Not Be Immediately Evident

Buying a home and moving can be overwhelming, and you may be inclined to skip a one-year warranty inspection to save time. However, it’s devastating to realize that your investment is in need of repairs just a few years after moving in. When you’ve lived in your home for a year or less, issues with technical details may not be apparent. Upon moving into your new property, you’ll probably be more focused on the daily utilities rather than its structural or HVAC components. The features that caught your eye, such as freshly installed granite countertops or gleaming hardwood floors, may not be showing signs of a defect, but this doesn’t mean that the whole property is free from flaws. Problems below the surface are often the most costly to fix, so it’s in your best interest to catch issues while they’re still under warranty.

If you’ve determined that a warranty inspection is the right choice, you’ll need to seek out a qualified team to closely examine the property from top to bottom. A thorough evaluation is key to noticing subtle problems that may worsen in the future. At Homerun Inspection, each of our team members is certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors. A home is one of the biggest investments one can make, and we take pride in delivering quality reports so our clients can feel confident about enjoying their new property. To move forward with the inspection process, please get in touch online or give us a call.

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